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CLASS I - V+ Min. age: 12-18
Previous Experience: Suggested
Participation: Intense




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Lower Gauley Whitewater Rafting

Wildwater Expeditions in West Virginia

The Lower Gauley River flies under the West Virginia whitewater rafting radar, but don’t let your guard down because Lower Gauley rafting takes no prisoners. You’ve got to earn your fun!
The Lower Gauley boasts about 30+ rapids that have big hits and long wave trains. In between rapids you’ll have a chance to catch your breath and take in the rare beauty of the Lower Gauley canyon.
This is a great section of river for first-time rafters looking to try their hand at the world-famous Upper Gauley River. Lower Gauley rafting also serves as a nice tune-up to run the Upper Gauley the next day.
As a bonus, your trip will take out at Sugar Creek, which eliminates 3 miles of flat water and shortens your bus ride back to Wildwater!

Lower Gauley River - Fall

River Rating:

Minimum Age: 12 yrs
Run Length: 5+ Hrs


Difficulty Rating: CLASS I- IV+
Lunch: Yes

Season: Fall

Work in concert with professional Wildwater guides to put the raft where the big hits are. Lower Gauley whitewater rafting and rapids such as Wood’s Ferry, Upper and Lower Mash, Heaven Help You and Upper and Lower Stairstep feature awesome roller coaster wave trains and frothy hydraulics that will leave you with a big, wet grin stretching from ear to ear. Like all of our trips, you can expect a delicious lunch to cap of your fun-filled day.

  • Most challenging trip recommended for first time rafters.
  • 11 1/2 miles, 30+ rapids ranging from classIII-V rapids.
  • A favorite among veteran guides fro it's perfect mix of scenery, big wave trains and excitement.
  • Often considered a stepping stone between the New River and the Upper Gauley.
  • Some of the biggest waves and holes are on the Lower section.
  • Our private Sugar Creek takeout saves rafters 1 1/2 hours (3 1/2 miles) of flat-water paddling at the end of the day.
  • Hot grilled rivershide lunch included.
Saturday Rate: $179 Sunday: $154
Friday: $154 Monday: $129
* All applicable discounts will be added upon booking confirmation.
Be sure to check out our raft upgade options below.

Lower / Upper 2 Day Reverse Adventure

River Rating:

Minimum Age: 15 yrs
Run Length: 2 Days


Difficulty Rating: CLASS I- V+
Lunch: Yes

Season: Fall
Raft: 16' Raft

Mother Nature may have put the Upper Gauley first, but we don't have to run it that way! We call this the Gauley Reverse trip because you can run the Lower Gauley on Day 1 and save the mind-blowing Upper section for Day 2. We return to the Wildwater basecamp after the first day so you can enjoy all the amenities and first-class lodging options - even a hot tub if you like. If you haven't seen the Lower Gauley or if this is your first time rafting, this is the perfect trip for you. The "Wild and Scenic" Lower on the first day and the "Wild and Crazy" Upper section on the second day.

  • Day 1 on the "Wild and Scenic" Lower Gauley
  • Back to Wildwater that night.
  • Day 2 on the "Wild and Crazy" Upper Gauley.
  • All 23 miles, 70+ rapids rapids, in 2 Days.
  • Be ready to paddle to your guides instructions.
  • Strong swimming skills recommended.
  • Hot grilled riverside lunch both days.
Fri/Sat Sat/Sun Sun/Mon
2 Day Reverse $254 $279 $229
* All applicable discounts will be added upon booking confirmation.
Be sure to check out our raft upgade options below.

Raft Upgrades - You choose the intensity level!

16' Raft Standard Prices Listed Above Minimum Age 15

14' Raft

Add $5 Per Person Minimum Age 15
12' Raft Add $40 Per person Minimum Age 18

Rafts: Wildwater offers three different rafts sizes to customize your rafting experience. Going smaller is actually the biggest ride! Double check the minimum age difference when deciding the type of ride you want.

16-foot Raft: This is the Industry Standard Raft that seats 8+ guests and a guide. They are the largest rafts we have, offering the most stable and comfortable ride. They are also the most economical raft we have and are ideal for groups and first-time rafters.

14-foot Raft: This is our High Adventure Raft that seats 6+ guests and a guide. Smaller than the 16-foot raft, these rafts are very reactive in the white water! Lighter and more manuverable, these rafts give you more thrills and spills, putting you right in the thick of the action. This is our most popular raft and well worth the extra money. Minimum age 14.

12-foot Raft: This is our Extreme Raft that seats 4+ guests and a guide. You would be amazed how many crazy people want this raft! It's almost 100% guaranteed you will be swimming. Minimum age is 18, previous experience highly recommended, strong swimming skills highly recommended and a desire to push the limits of white water rafting. This is the smallest commercial raft available on the river!

A $3.00 per person, per guided activity Resource Use Fee is applied to each reservation.



Back home on the banks of the New River, West Virginia!

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